An Abbreviated Chronology of Friends of Rose Park Initiatives

Peters Sisters Dedication - Family and Friends - Image

  • Conducted a neighborhood survey to prioritize park improvements and maintenance
  • Began a good working relationship with the District of Columbia Department of Parks & Recreation (“DPR”) and the National Park Service (NPS)
  • Created FRP’s approach for raising funds


  • Held the first FRP Phon-a-thon and first fundraiser, raising over $14,000.00
  • Established monthly “clean-up” Saturdays – mowing, collecting garbage, clipping bushes, painting and sweeping
  • Contracted to annually aerate, fertilize, and seed park land owned by District
  • Purchased five decorative trash cans; placed by NPS throughout the park


  • Adopted By-Laws and began paperwork to incorporate as a 501(c)(3)
  • Convinced NPS to seed and fertilize land owned by them
  • Removed dead trees, planted new trees, removed overgrown bushes for more open space
  • Created first FRP logo and brochure


  • Hired the landscape architecture firm of Rhodeside & Harwell to develop a Landscape Master Plan for the Park
  • Purchased new play equipment for play area near ball field and basketball court
  • Organized ANC resolution against widening of the path in the Park to 10 feet


  • Planted three large trees near new play equipment for summer shade (via gift from Georgetown Garden Club)
  • Neighbors and dogs marched in the Georgetown 250th Anniversary Parade – with large pink and white balloons to introduce more folks to Rose Park
  • Added four benches to the park – two near new play equipment and two at the tennis courts
  • After being absent for many years, structured summer children’s programs and basketball leagues return to the Park
  • Held first annual Sunday-in-the-Park on September 30


  • Installed many hard-scape items (flagpole, hexagonal bench, trash cans, bulletin board) throughout the Park
  • Placed donor-purchased engraved bricks around the flagpole
  • Requested that the DC Department of Transportation install curbs and
  • brick sidewalks along the west side of the Park at 26th Street and on the south side of O Street by the tennis courts
  • Began Dumbarton Street Tot Lot renovation; appeared before ANC, Old Georgetown Board, and Commission of Fine Arts for approval of all design plans

  • Completed Tot Lot renovation with new play equipment, safe play surfaces, and wrought iron fence
  • Installed wrought iron fencing around basketball court and tennis backboard area
  • Convinced NPS and DC Department of Parks & Recreation to install 8 lights to illuminate pedestrian path which runs through park
  • Organized and received approval for weekly, seasonal, Farmers’ Market in the Park
  • Hosted two concerts of the 1st annual CAG Summer Concert Series
  • Planted bushes and bulbs along tennis court fence along 27th and O Street (via gift from Georgetown Garden Club)


  • Contracted for extensive tree care and pruning and planted 10 new trees
  • Planted rose bushes along wrought iron fence at 26th and O Streets (via a gift from the Georgetown Garden Club)


  • Planted three flowering trees in the southern end the Park
  • NPS planted six Honey Locust trees and installed two trash cans and two doggie bag dispensers
  • Fall bulb planting throughout the Park (via gift from Georgetown Garden Club)
  • Renovated landing at Dumbarton Street entrance to the Park, with brickwork, two benches and two Red Bud trees
  • Initiated two new events in the Park, Spring Egg Hunt and Fall Pumpkin Festival


  • Continued contract for general plant and turf maintenance throughout the Park and tree maintenance
  • Convinced DPR to undertake and then monitor the resurfacing of tennis court and basketball court areas and installation of new fence around tennis courts and at softball field backstop
  • Engaged in debate over NPS/DDOT plans for the path through the park
  • Completed FRP web-site


  • Planted additional trees in the south portion of the park
  • Installed additional benches
  • Continued maintenance of softscape and hardscape spaces


  • Completed a $24,000 landscape renovation to the Recreation Center banks, including trees, rose bushes, scrubs, butterfly bushes and ornamental grasses with an irrigation system
  • Worked with Cultural Tourism of DC to designate Rose Park as part of the DC African American Heritage Trail
  • Installed additional trees and benches
Rose Park Recreation Center Supervisor, Ms. Patterson
Friends of Rose Park - children in costume & rose bushes along fence

  • Planted 10,000 crocus bulbs in the Rose Park south lawn
  • Worked with DPR to install three water fountains in the park
  • Worked with DPR to keep the Recreation Center bathrooms open to the public on a year-round basis
  • Arranged to have six Yoshio Cherry Trees planted from the Neighborhood Tree Planting Program of the National Cherry Blossom Festival (3 in 2009 and 3 in 2010)


  • Wrapped up another successful year for the Farmers’ Market
  • Wonderful Fall fund-raising event at author and Rose Park neighbor’s Kitty Kelley’s home
  • Successful Annual Sunday in the Park event
  • Wonderful Halloween celebration in the park for the little ones
  • Re-planted garden beds to replace plants taken by summer drought
  • Arranged for NPS to install two new picnic tables
  • Continued to give high priority to Park maintenance because of the heavy use of the park by the community


  • Received unanimous recognition from our ANC2E that FRP is the “official” neighborhood representative for Rose Park
  • Hugely attended and wonderfully celebrated the 9th Annual Spring Celebration at Rose Park
  • Upgraded Friends of Rose Park website with up to date park information and the ability to accept donations via Papal
  • Identified key elements to be included in Phase II of the Rose Park’s Master Plan; worked with landscape architect to develop Phase II of our Master Plan. Met with neighbors and local organizations, including the Georgetown Garden Club, regarding roll-out of Phase II. Started work on capital campaign to raise funds for Phase II
  • Continued with efforts to keep the pedestrian path width in its current location. Testified before NPS/DDOT public hearing on the path rehabilitation project. Met with ANC2E and CAG members, with DC DDOT personnel and their consulting firm regarding their proposed plan
  • Worked with Casey Trees to install 4 more Yoshino cherry trees around outer edge of softball field


  • Rose Park Farmers Market celebrated its 10th anniversary year with the largest, most well attended market ever
  • Worked with DPR to include Rose Park in its 2013 Improvement Budget.
  • A co-op for tots, operated by the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, opened in fall 2012 in the Recreation Center
  • Friends of Rose Park Benefit held at Bill Dean’s home raised $40,000 for park maintenance and beautification from neighbors
  • Friends of Rose Park, Inc. raised the funds for and completed Phase II of the park’s Master Plan – a plaza at 26th and O Streets for park users of all ages
  • Spring Festival, Pumpkin Fest, Tennis Tournament and Concerts in the Park brought neighbors and families together throughout the year
  • FRP initiated a bi-yearly FRP Newsletter
  • Over $7,000 in improvements were made to the Tot Lot
FRP - Fall 2012 Construction - Bobcat
FRP - Fall 2012 Construction

  • Worked closely with DPR on $1 million/2 ½ year improvement campaign initiated by the Mayor’s Office to bring a new footprint for play areas
  • Hosted movie nights, Halloween party and CAG concert in the park
  • Hosted Farmers Market
  • Continued maintenance of flower bed, trees, other softscape areas


  • Continued work with DPR on the major capital improvement campaign for the park, met at least several times monthly with representatives from DPR, DGS, and the various consultants and contractors hired by the city to create the new footprint and choose the correct playground equipment. Convinced DPR and DGS that the bathrooms in the Recreation Center needed to be included in the project in order to make them handicapped-accessible, resulting in upgraded restroom facilities
  • Worked with NPS on pedestrian path to keep it in same location and same width
  • Hosted movie nights, Halloween party, CAG concert in the park and December holiday/Santa party
  • Hosted Farmers Market
  • Continued maintenance of flower bed, trees, other softscape areas


  • Initiated project to name the Rose Park tennis courts after Margaret Peters and Roumania Peters Walker; contacted family members; organized with CM Jack Evans to have City Council pass resolution; garnered support from ANC, CAG, other local groups and neighbors; purchased memorial plaque and museum-quality permanent photographic exhibit; hosted dedication event with US Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, Mayor Muriel Bowser, and other dignitaries for over 300 family members and neighbors
  • Purchased and dedicated memorial bench on tennis courts for Andy Kohut, neighbor and dear friend of the park who passed away in Fall, 2015
  • Worked with DPR and NPS on park improvements
  • Worked with NPS on pedestrian path to keep it in same location and same width
  • Hosted movie nights, Halloween party, CAG concert in the park and
  • December Holiday party
  • Hosted Farmers Market
  • Continued maintenance of flower bed, trees, other softscape areas
  • Participated in WETA Neighborhoods documentary.
Friends of Rose Park - Maintenance Team
Vincent Orange & Anita Bonds

  • Hosted Farmer’s Market May through October
  • Hosted CAG Concerts in the Park
  • July movie night in the Park
  • Worked with NPS on pedestrian path renovation
  • Hosted Annual Holiday Party in the Park


  • First Annual Kohut Classic Doubles Tennis Tournament
  • Updated FRP logo & website
  • More to come!